by: Chloe Chameleon

One winter day; Moosey was earning her black belt. After class Sensei put a note on her back pack – saying: Meet me at the park. When Moosey got to the park, she found Sensei there with a helicopter. Her Sensei told her to go in the helicopter and the pilot will fly you to a place that Sensei’s evil brother had made. Also, you must convince him to be nice. Soon enough, Moosey was there. She did karate and had practiced with Sensei so she was ready.

When she got there she got past the evil brother’s guards. Then she jumped over the gate and kicked the door open. Then Sensei’s brother saw the long journey Moosey traveled and what she did; so he decided to be nice. Sensei decided that Moosey should be his helper. Moosey’s parents were so proud.