Anti-bullying campaigns & bullying books

The statistics and studies that we have regarding bullying in the United States are quite inaccurate. However, it is fortunate enough to find that there is far more awareness about bullying in the United States as compared to a decade ago. A great anti bullying video that was featured in the Bully Project has now become synonymous to bully control and prevention in schools and other institutions. In this project, the users can even upload their own anti bullying video and get featured on the website so that others can learn from them as well. Bullying books are another way to inform kids about bullying.

Most of the states have an anti-bullying law as well as anti-bully policy because of which a number of support groups are able to work better in order to help kids overcome bullying. There are many kinds of support groups that have been working specifically towards LGBT teens. These children are more likely to report this kind of bullying and they remain a targeted or bullying as well as bullying reinforcement in every part of their lives. It is important to understand that there is no federal or state law that specifically targets bullying. This means that bullying cannot be legally classified as an offense, though it can be mentioned in case of a legal course of events. However, there are many times where bullying clearly coincides and even overlaps harassment because of which this issue becomes somewhat addressable for the people who are being bullied as well as their supporters. So take your kids to the library and rent a few good bullying books and read them together. You won’t believe how easy it is to teach them the right thing to do the next time they are faced with a bully.