Sensei William Wright has personally designed this 8 part program to help your child:

  • Identify Bullying
  • How to respond to Bullying.
  • If necessary learn to defend themselves from Bullying by watching and practicing mixed martial arts  with an 8 series instructional DVD featuring Sensei Wright’s own K2 students.
  • Learn what Honor, Love, Courage, Justice, Faith and Strength mean from Moosey the dog books and weekly emails to your kids. This will help your children use these principles in their every-day life regardless of how young they are.

Through this 8 part book and  8 part dvd series that includes personally written inspirational stories about Moosey the Dog and 8  individual workout videos that takes your child through the 8 levels of  mixed martial arts.

You will watch your child grow spiritually, mentally and physically as they progress from white belt through black belt all from the comfort and safety of your house…..

Who is Sensei William Wright?

He grew up in New Jersey, where he learned and embraced a true non-quitting spirit, which he passes on from student to student. Over the past 21yrs he has had countless fights, has had the opportunity to teach and train with Bare Knuckle Knock Down Champs, Kick Boxing and Thai Boxing champions, along with numerous Freestyle Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champions and was just voted in 2012 Instructor of the Decade.
Sensei William M. Wright III

  • Teaching and Training Kids for over 21 yrs
  • Opened K2 at age 25
  • 1st Degree Black Belt 1992
  • 2nd Degree Black Belt 1996
  • 3rd Degree Black Belt 2001
  • 4th Degree Black Belt 2007
  • 5th Degree Black Belt 2012
  • Promoted to the rank of Sensei 2001
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt 2012
    under Sensei Christian Carvalho
  • He has been a featured speaker to thousand of kids nationally and appeared on many news and talk shows to bring awareness to the masses about bullying.

Mark Koch, Associate Producer Passion of the Christ & Sensei William Wright III

This makes him incredibly well versed standing and on the ground. Sensei’s true artistic abilities emerge while he is teaching children. His ability to communicate and reach children when others cannot is due to the years he has had many students with varying degrees of disabilities. Children with learning disabilities: students with MS, CP and Down Syndrome, students that are missing limbs, some that are blind and even ones in wheel chairs.  It is this experience that has allowed K2 and Sensei Wright to teach his program in several Florida Schools.

Sensei believes we all have certain levels of disabilities, but through hard work and rigorous training of the mind, body and spirit we can all rise above and go further then we could ever imagine. Sensei’s goal, being a highly devoted Christian and believes that this is his calling. It is due to his countless work with children that Sensei Wright learned the extent of bullying and that he needed to work with kids to help avoid them becoming a statistic.

Both Moosey and Sensei Wright
were TAPOUT featured  fighters!