Did you know that 58% of the children who bully others do this because they feel that the victim deserves it? A similar number of bullies engage in this kind of activities because they want to get back at the victim. This clearly showcases that roles can really change with time and one who was being bullied yesterday can become a bully tomorrow. The National Center for Educational Statistics suggests that 1 out of every 3 children is being bullied in schools these days. Is there some problem in the way we have educated our children or has parenting gone wrong?

Preventing bullying through kids karate class

Considering the perplexing nature of the origin of bullying and when and how children change their roles, bully prevention can become quite a huge headache for children, parents and even educational institutions. There are many bullying books that can be read in order to help children or let them help themselves. One of them is ‘The Bully: A Discussion and Activity Story’. Most of the times, it includes a psychological barrier that needs to be removed before the children can really learn to move ahead and find some support for themselves. There are many options to help children learn about and deal with situations that involve bullying. Adults have to be active in their kids lives and look and listen closely to any warning signs. We can’t expect that our children will come to us if they are having this problem. Adults and teachers should take an active part in intervening when they witness certain signs of bullying or emotional distress. Kids karate classes are an excellent way to teach our kids to be able to defend themselves and respect others and will carry through to their adult life as well.