Report bullying to authorities

In case bullying is not being reported as an offense in itself, you can definitely use the word harassment. This is a punishable offense and all the schools are obligated to take action against this kind of actions taking place in their premises. These cases can also be directly reported to the Office of the U.S. Department of Education for Civil Rights. Moreover, the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division can also be called upon in case an event related to bullying or harassment takes place. It is important to remain as proactive about bullying as possible so that children and even adults who are facing such issues can feel that they are being supported.

It is really important for us to make sure that we help and support people who have faced bullying in one way or the other. Let us not be innocent bystanders who keep on sitting or reinforcing the views of the bullies on the victims. Often, there are witnesses to every case of bullying. Thankfully, the number of people who are taking a stand for the victims is increasing by the day and the people who are helping victims are consistently providing support as well as some level of protection to the victims. This is certainly providing them the much needed comfort.

However, it is less about finding support and more about empowering our kids to ensure that no one is bullied and if anyone is, he or she is immediately able to report the same or at least defend him/ herself.  Look for a good martial arts school for kids that can help them learn to defend themselves. This shall help you and your kids feel safer. On the other hand, being the parents of the bully child should also come with a few responsibilities. You should be able to provide counseling to your children so that they stop using force and power on others to fulfill their own needs and satisfy their egos. Let us also empower our children to not be bystanders and to help those who may need us. Martial arts school for kids are especially helpful for the person doing the bullying.